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At Fifth Ave GI, abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints reported on a daily basis. It's often the result of obesity, a poor diet, structural issues (hernias), or intestinal upset. Discovering the cause of the abdominal pain is the first step in formulating an effective treatment plan. Visit Fifth Ave GI's East Harlem/Upper East Side office to speak to a gastroenterologist today; call or click to schedule your appointment to get the relief you need.

Abdominal Pain Q & A

What are common causes of abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain can have a wide variety of causes. Aside from menstrual cramps and reproductive issues, the most common cause of abdominal pain is the result of some form of gastrointestinal distress.

Inflammation and spasms involving the intestines and colon are two of the most common and are the results of conditions like:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Celiac sprew
  • Crohn's disease

Abdominal pain is often the first symptom to get your attention.

If the pain is severe and lasts for several hours, a visit to a gastroenterologist is necessary. If you begin to experience abdominal pain on a regular basis, pay close attention to any other symptoms you may be having and report them to your doctor.

What's the difference between IBS and Crohn's Disease?

Crohn's is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that is considered to be an autoimmune disorder or the result of an allergic response.

With Crohn's and other types of IBD, inflammation is the direct result of the body's inability to recognize bacteria and foods as beneficial. Instead, they are perceived to be a threat,° and white blood cells are sent to eradicate them causing inflammation and discomfort.

With IBS, the large intestine or bowel becomes easily irritated due to stress, the presence of an infection, or a disruption in the level of good bacteria in the gut.

Glitches in the body's nervous system can also cause spasms to occur, forcing the colon to overreact to certain stimuli. The results often include intense pain and discomfort.

When should I make an appointment with the doctor?

Abdominal pain and discomfort is a common symptom of several serious illnesses and diseases.

In some cases, self-care helps to manage the pain, but over time, it can increase in intensity to the point where medical assistance is required. If you experience abdominal pain on a regular basis, it's worth a visit to your gastroenterologist to determine its cause.

If vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever accompanies your abdominal pain, it's imperative that you seek medical attention immediately.